Rebuilding a startup’s website on solid ground

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It is often the case that startups don’t have the time or resources to get the first iteration of their website perfect from the beginning. Often you start with the easiest solution and make it fit just to launch. That’s a great approach as a startup, especially when it comes to your first presence online, like your startup’s website.

However, time passes and that website is often required to do a lot more than it was originally intended to do. Now you want to generate leads and host content, and showcase your product in more detail. All of a sudden, your little website starts to be unmanageable.

This is what happened to Obrizum, an AI startup in Cambridge that built its first website on Wix. We are proud to deliver today the new Obrizum website, filled with engaging content for the users and with all the tools needed for the business to succeed.

Migrating from Wix to WordPress

As Wix Partners, RainingBits had all the capabilities to redesign Wix websites on other platforms. In this case, the customer was keen on migrating to WordPress, in order to obtain more control over their content and website customisations.

Lead generation through Hubspot

Like every business, Obrizum wants to use its website as a point of contact for prospective customers to reach their sales team.

For this, they were keen on having a tight integration between their website and HubSpot, which they use for managing their contacts.

Hubspot form integrated in the contact page of Obrizum's website.
Hubspot forms are seamlessly integrated into the pages.

A custom plugin to gate content

RainingBits also developed a custom plugin for Obrizum to hide some of their most valuable content behind a contact form.

This mechanism also uses HubSpot Forms and provides the quickest way for content creators to apply a gate to any content.

Could we do the same for you?

Of course! As a web design agency, we evaluate every project individually and provide you with our recommendations to reach your goals.

If you got this far on our website you probably already know that we have some standard web design packages. However we know that no one size fits all, so it is worth spending one minute (we promise, no more) to request a customised quote.

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