Simplifying the complexity of aviation

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aviowiki is a raising star in the field of data for aviation. Going against a legacy of established companies and a conservative industry required clarity on their product and a simple website.

Through a combination of custom components and advanced graphics, RainingBits delivered a perfect result which allows users to reach information easily and aviowiki to market their product effectively.

Custom search component

The core of aviowiki’s product is a directory of airport information. It was fundamental that visitors of the website were able to reach this directory right from when they set foot on the website.

We developed a custom WordPress component that connects to the aviowiki API and displays search results on the home page and redirects users to the main content when they click on an airport result.

Custom search box on aviowiki's website.
A custom search box connects with aviowiki’s own API to return results.

Mobile app mockups

We designed and integrated into the website some custom 3D models of mobile devices displaying aviowiki’s mobile app.

This technique allows components to freely move on the screen and makes the page look lighter compared to a picture of the actual device.

aviowiki's mobile app shown on a 3D model iPhone.
3D models of mobile devices are a great way to showcase an app.

Blog, company news, and updates

aviowiki wanted an easy way to share content with its users. They were already writing blog posts, as well as publishing flash updates on social media about breaking news at airports.

The new content section and taxonomy we created allow them to share content efficiently and to separate and distribute content of different types.

aviowiki's blog page including articles and news.
Organising content in categories and with tags makes it easy to navigate and distribute it.

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